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Informacion en Español – vacaciones en Rorbu.

VACACIONES EN EL CORAZÓN DE LOFOTEN GAMMELFILÉTEN BRYGGE está situado en el centro de Henningsvær, en las islas Lofoten, con todo tipo de servicios a su alcance. Ofrecemos cuatro “rorbu” (antiguas cabañas de pescadores), recién reformadas y convertidas en cómodos apartamentos de un dormitorio, con sala de estar, cocina equipada y baño con suelo calefactado. […]


The midnight sun in Lofoten

The midnight sun is a phenomenon that occurs all or part of the time between the spring equinox and the autumnal equinox north of the Arctic Circle, and between the autumnal equinox and spring equinox south of the Antarctic Circle. Midnight sun means that the sun, when at its lowest point in the course of […]

A new apartment in Gammelfileten

From the 25th of May 2012 we can offer a brand new apartment with the name “Filèten” or “The filet”. This is an apartment which you can rent with one or two bedrooms. The extra bedroom is callet “Arkivet” or “the archive”. Both names are given in relation to the functions the rooms had before. There are two bathrooms, […]

The Origin of the Rorbu Cabins

The characteristic rorbu (fisherman’s cabins) are one of the hallmarks of the coast of Nordland. The cabins were originally intended for the Lofoten fishermen. Today rorbu cabins are available from the simple to those of very high standard. The History of the Rorbu Cabins in Lofoten The first rorbu cabins in Lofoten were built by […]

The Skrei is back!

Finally the Skrei has returned to the inner side of Lofoten and the fishermen and inhabitants of Henningsvær can sense that some of the feeling from “the old times” is back. It is easy to notice the good mood among the fishermen and the locals when you take a stroll along the quay. You can […]

©Stefan Linnerhag/ Northern Lights over Henningsvær

Aurora Borealis

In 2013/14 we expect to be able to observe a lot of Aurora boralis, or northern light, here in Lofoten. In Henningsvær and its surroundings there are not much light pollution and therefore good conditions to take pictures and observe the “show”. But be sure to bring warm clothing. In Gammelfileten Brygge you can just […]


Are you planning a board meeting, a trip for the bridge club, a trip with some friends? We can help you with the planning, logistics, finding good restaurants and activities during your stay. We have a total of 18 beds, 5 bedrooms with double beds and four bunk beds. From july 2013 we can also […]