FILETEN with ARKIVET – 85 m2

We have named this apartment “Fileten” or “The fillet” because there was a fish fillet factory here until 1970. The fish was caught just outside of Henningsvær. After the fillet factory was closed the production of salted and fresh fish one floor below proceeded until 1996.There was eight men and ten women working in the fillet factory with cutting, packing and freezing the fillets which was exported to all of europe. Apart from that there was about 20 men working with other production as salting and drying of fish.

During one summer at the end of the 50’s there was produced around 2,5 mill kgs of saithe in these locals, and that is an incredible big quantity of fish in these small locals.


– Eight beds, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
– Fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, WiFi, tv, CD, radio.
– Price per night : 1900 NOK  2-4 persons, two bedrooms, (100 NOK per extra bed).
– No smoking – no pets.
– Price per week: Please contact us for our special offer.

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